Saturday, November 15, 2008

MMC 30-Minute Party Ideas

Need some quick party ideas? Here are a few 30-minute solutions!

Grab a jar of Mya Kaimal's Vindaloo Sauce from and a container of yogurt; mix them 50-50 for a spicy dip to go with veggies, crackers, or baguettes. Vindaloo is a famously hot and sour curry made with black pepper and coriander from India's spice coast. Maya Kaimal is a leading authority on Indian food and an award-winning author of two cookbooks: "Curried Favors" and "Savoring the Spice Coast of India". She has appeared on Martha Stewart, the Food Network, and the Today Show, and writes about Indian cooking for "Saveur" and "Food & Wine".

Pair Basil and Sun-Dried Tomato Pestos with goat cheese logs for a festive red and green holiday appetizer. Stonewall Kitchen is pleased to announce the addition of pestos - Jim and Jon's personal favorites. Made with the freshest ingredients, seasoned perfectly creating a wonderful product to add to cheeses, pasta, spoon onto a pizza or to blend into couscous Stonewall Kitchen's reputation has been built by consistently creating items of the highest quality in the most exciting flavor profiles.

More 30-minute party ideas from your grocer:

  • A wedge of Brie, grapes, gourmet olives, assorted crackers and baguettes, bagged & precut veggies with bottled salad dressing such as Ranch (a dip using Vindaloo or Pesto will add a gourmet touch to your 'do').

  • Cheddar cheese ball, jarred salsa with chips, crackers, and bagged & precut veggies with ripe olives, assorted nuts, sliced red and green apples for a casual party (check out Stonewall Kitchen for salsas!).

  • A nice selection of hard and soft cheeses with grapes or sliced pears for a cheese tasting party (a dipping sauce from Stonewall Kitchen will add razzle-dazzle).

  • Bite-size quiche from the Frozen Food section, strawberries with sliced kiwi and star fruit, canapes using Deli section thin sliced meats and cheeses with assorted crackers (a dollop of Vindaloo or Pesto will create a spark with your quiche and canapes).

  • Fruit pizzas or tarts from the Bakery, cookies and pirouetts from the Cookie aisle, and all manner of bite-size treats in the Frozen Food section for a dessert bash (Stonewall Kitchens has some awesome dessert sauces for extra decadence).

  • Shrimp cocktail using cleaned & deveined shrimp and bottled cocktail sauce with lemon wedges, bread sticks wrapped with prosciutto, gourmet olives, veggie tray with bottled salad dressing (a dip using Vindaloo or Pesto will make your presentation even more spectacular).

  • A fillet of smoked salmon with a dollop of sour cream & sprinkle of dill with lemon wedges, assorted crackers, pear slices, a goat cheese log (serving Basil and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto with the goat cheese log will give a festive touch to your party).

  • Don't forget the paper products and ice!

I hope you enjoy your party!

Liz Randall

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