Friday, January 30, 2009

MMC 30-Minute Menus February 1

I am really trying to 'Go Green'. I have been picking up tips over the last year and have begun incorporating them in my daily life. You will notice that these menus use the same heat source for cooking such that if the oven is used for one item, I will use it for several things in the menu. One thing I have learned is that the small steps we can take make a very big difference!

Are you ready for the Super Bowl? We are all set to watch the game. The menu for Sunday includes a ham so there will be ham for ham sandwiches to eat while watching the game. I am going to a party so I'll just 'take a sack' of sandwiches with me. I'll make them on small buns for a handy snack.

Do you have a party in your plans? Check out the latest feature on my website - 'Party in a Bag'! The Bags are designed to help you pull your party together in 30 minutes - flat! I love to entertain but don't often have the time required to pull off a big, fancy 'do', so, over the years, I have learned a few short-cuts; I will share them with you.

If you are planning a dinner party, take a look at the Holiday and Special '30-Minute Complete Menu Plans' on my website. You will find menu ideas to help with your celebration.
The Family Meals '30-Minute Complete Menu Plans' are there to help with both weeknight and special dinner prep. I create Complete Menu Plans using the 30-minute menus from this blog:

  • The Complete Menu Plans give you recipes and step-by-step instructions for preparing the complete meal (not just the entree as most meal plans do) in 30 minutes - flat! I even include a grocery list to save unnecessary trips to the grocery store.
  • These are eComplete Menu Plans so you can purchase the menu plan now and use it for dinner tonight!
  • You won't have to spend your precious time thinking of menu ideas and then looking up the recipes - I will send it all directly to you!
  • You can purchase a Complete Menu Plan for the introductory price of .25 each.
  • If you have found my 30-minute menus helpful, then you must check out the 30-Minute Complete Menu Plans!

You will find that I use several cooking methods, mix and match, to get dinner on the table quickly! You can always substitute your favorite made-from-scratch recipes when you have more time.

I hope you have a great week!

Spiral Sliced Ham with Bourbon Glaze (purchased, fully-cooked ham; save some ham for Wednesday)
Quattro Fromage
Peas and Mushrooms (frozen mix)
Lemon Pound Cake with Strawberries (purchased pound cake)

Tuna Burgers
Buns and Condiments (jarred condiments)
Potato Wedges
Slaw (bagged slaw mix and jarred dressing)
Rocky Road Brownies (mix)

Meatball Stew (frozen meatballs and vegetables)
Biscuit Bowls (refrigerated biscuits)
Fruit Salad
Buckeye Chocolate Chippers (ready-to-bake cookies, prepared frosting)

Ham Cheddar Bake (Ham from Sunday, canned potatoes and vegetables)
Pineapple Salad (canned pineapple)
Individual Cherry Pies a la Mode

Sauteed Chicken and Mushrooms
Roasted Red Potatoes and Green Beans in Rosemary Sauce (frozen mix)
Baked Granola Apples ('baked' in the microwave)

Taco Nite
Condiment Bar with Salsa and Guacamole/Sour Cream Blend (jarred salsa and condiments)
Corn and Black Bean Salsa
Banana Splits

Spaghetti Fest of Spinach Pesto and Marinara Sauce (bagged spinach, jarred marinara sauce)
Pasta of Choice
Creamy Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedges (jarred salad dressing)
Garlic Bread
Tiramisu (purchased lady finger cookies)

Get inspired for your weekly menus at OrgJunkie!

I sincerely hope you have fun with your meal planning and preparation,
Elizabeth Randall and Family

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